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Swiss Executive Search seeks to build long-lasting partnerships with its clientele based on mutual trust and an elemental understanding of the clients' businesses. Our goal: achieving optimal customer satisfaction with our services.

Building partnerships:

Building business relationships with a view to the long term is mutually beneficial as this enables efficiency and quality to be sustainably enhanced. However, this is not possible without open communication and mutual candor.

Trust and confidence:

Mutual trust is the basis for a beneficial, sound business relationship. That is why we attach prime importance to building and sustaining personal relationships and maintaining discretion.

Corporate culture:

Whoever seeks to grasp a company, its staff and its customers in their entirety has to know and understand the company's corporate culture and history. Every activity of an organization is tinged and affected by its culture. An intimate understanding of this culture makes a successful working relationship possible and goals to be more effectively achieved. That is why we go to considerable effort to acquaint ourselves with our clients' corporate culture.


We believe in providing our clientele with innovative and constructive proposals. To do this, we analyze our client's strategic thrust and organizational structure and combine the insight gained by us with our knowledge of current trends and ongoing developments in the finance industry.

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