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The criteria applied by Swiss Executive Search in the appraisal and selection of candidates ensure that individuals are selected whose character and skills dovetail with a client's needs while guaranteeing mutual satisfaction and a win-win situation for both sides. In order to ensure that candidates satisfy the wide variety of demands made by the finance industry we carefully vet their education and training background and professional experience. During the selection process we also appraise their motivation, attitude and approach to life.

Education and training background:

Apart from possessing an internationally accredited higher education degree, we also expect candidates to have engaged in financial CPD and to speak a number of foreign languages.

Professional experience:

During the selection phase we attach considerable significance to a candidate's career path and the experience gained by him or her in the process.

Motivation, attitude, approach:

An individual's motivation, approach to work and life, and attitude are central factors for a successful, sustainable working relationship.

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